Warm Up - Miro Newbie to Ninja


What is this thing?

The Miro Newbie to Ninja activity is a great warm-up to test the waters and find out your participant's comfort level with Miro.

Where do I use it?

🏁 You can use this activity as a warm-up at the beginning of a workshop. It can help you get everyone used to Miro and be a temperature check to inform the workshop.

🎭 You can also set the stage before a workshop and use this activity in a pre-workshop board! Something you send beforehand to get a sense of that comfort level.

🙌 Repeat this activity again at the end of a workshop if you'd like to see if you've helped anyone move a little bit on the continuum! It's a great way to bookend a session.

How do I use it?

1️⃣ Introduce yourself to your participants and let them know today there will be some Miro magic!

2️⃣ But, first you'd like them to click + drag the yellow dots over to how they feel about Miro right now.

3️⃣ Walk your audience through the choices as they engage..

👉 Just a lil' baby, I'm learning to crawl.

👉 Starting to stand on my own, like a T-Rex—my arms are a little short still...

👉 I'm pretty comfortable, like my favorite comfort food—maybe some donuts?

👉 I'm a Miro ninja. Watch out you won't see me coming!


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