Wall of Problems


Problem prioritization

Understand what is hindering your stakeholders the most by getting them brick laying their problems.

The higher the brick on the wall, the bigger the problem is, as it will be making that wall more difficult to get over. The lower the brick on the wall, they might trip over it or step over it, causing a slight nuisance but not stopping them from getting their job done.


Laura McKendrick image
Laura McKendrick
Product Manager
I’m Laura, I’ve been a Product Manager for nearly 5 years now and I love getting to the real problems that need solving. I’ve had experience product managing apps, websites and business tools, across different industries including e-commerce, tourism and employment. I’m a people pleaser, and found empathy as a strength in product management. By putting myself in the shoes of users and stakeholders, I have identified issues and opportunities, and improved how I communicate.

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