Value-Effort Matrix (with CSV export)


Use the Value-Effort matrix template for product prioritization based on three variables: User value, Effort, and Business value

Use sticky notes to describe your product ideas and to place them within the appropriate labelled rectangle.

The numbers shown with colored backgrounds can be used to assign relative priority of items.

0 - Very low priority (should never be considered)

1 - Low Priority (should rarely be considered)

2 - High priority (should often be considered)

3 - Very high priority (should always be considered)

Do you want to convert the spatial prioritization data in the template to a regular table? Install the free spatial tables app from the Miro marketplace to convert the sticky notes, rectangles, and text items used to describe your tasks to a tabular format. You can then import the table to an external application such as a spreadsheet by using the provided CSV download option.


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Boyan Vakarelov lets users and teams convert visuals to tables that are exportable to other applications. We believe that visuals enable you to generate ideas quickly and to collaborate more effectively. Our goal to seamlessly integrate your work with visual apps and data apps, so that you can use the best tools for your creative and task-tracking jobs.

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