Spatial Tables

Spatial Tables

Spatial Tables


Visually describe table data directly on your Miro board. Use sticky notes, rectangles, and text boxes to create spatial tables. Spatial tables allow you to associate data (sticky notes) with up to five hierarchy levels of categories (nested rectangles). Convert your spatial tables to regular tables that can be filtered, sorted, and exported as CSV files to other applications.

Key Features:

  • Use for brainstorming, project management, or category analysis
  • Get going quickly by using built-in, spatial-table templates
  • Visually describe multi-level, data-category relationships which is difficult to do with regular tables
  • Export result tables in CSV format
  • Collaborate visually with your team and share table results with stakeholders
  • Start working on your tables in Miro and then continue your workflow in other applications

How to Connect:

  • Just connect, accept the permissions, and start using the app. There is no additional sign-up required.

Helpful Links: spatial tables YouTube channel


Required permissions

  • Read and modify boards users have access to
  • Read profile information for current user


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