Wardley Map


Why to use this template?

Understand how the organization creates value and the elements of its value chain are impacted by developments in the wider context so that I can make good strategic choices.

A value chain map (or - after it's creator - Wardley map) is a strategic decision-making tool that identifies and maps the elements of an organization’s value chain against industry maturity. This allows us to decide how to strategically handle the various value chain building blocks. Generally speaking, we want to innovate where we see competitive advantage, own (or possibly lease) what is mission-critical, and cheaply source what is a commodity.

This, of course, needs to be balanced with wider organizational goals, capabilities and constraints. The model also allows us to determine how we should act in the wider competitive environment i.e. build or remove barriers to entry, facilitate or stifle innovation.

Ultimately, the question is which elements of our value chain are or need to be defensible for us to have a sustainable business.

This template is an adaptation of the excellent work by Simon Wardley who has extensively written about how to create these maps and how to apply them for strategic purposes. I highly recommend to visit his website.

Simon's original work can be found here: https://learnwardleymapping.com/project/wardley-mapping-canvas/


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