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UX Health Persona

The human-centered design process can never begin without gaining a deep understanding of the people who will use a service or product. For this it is essential to empathize with these people and understand their thoughts, emotions, needs and motivations. Only then can we establish a design that offers an optimal solution and user experience for the target group.

In our template for a (proto-) persona within the health department, we offer a focused analysis of the specific circumstances and challenges that arise from such a medical, health-related context. Depending on the type of project, product or service, it is often required to focus not only on physicians as experts, but also on patients and medical staff. In this way, we enter intimate and sensitive areas, often with a heavy impact on the private or professional lives of the respective individuals.

With our template we hope to offer a way of capturing these worlds, impacts and above all the needs and behaviors of involved individuals in a project-specific manner in order to achieve well-aligned and efficiently designed solutions.


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