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A UX brief should capture exactly what the designer needs to accomplish in a given project and ensure that there is full agreement on issues including project deliverables, budget, and schedule.

How can it help you?

it can limit scope creep, schedule transparency, and protect you setting unrealistic expectations.

A good brief can save you answering unrealistic questions — but that’s only if you capture and present the right information. Let’s take a look at the most essential ingredients of a design brief:


Goals describe the overall scope of the project and what can be a measures of success in reaching a goal.


Knowing your user type in an enterprise world or your target audiences for public facing solutions is the most important attribute of an experience.


Coming to an understanding of the project schedule is as important as laying out a clear budget.


A shared understanding of project deliverables is fundamental to a successful project. Understanding different deliverables could make a big difference clearing out assumptions on deliverables.

There are other sections which are also important but the above sections are more important for the start of any project

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