User Research Kick-off Canvas


The User Research Kick-off canvas aims to open the research conversation to create alignment, input, collaboration and engagement with stakeholders early in your research journey, paving the way for some awesome and impactful user research.

The User research kick-off canvas will:

  • Create a shared objective within your team

  • Ensure you solve the right problem

  • Help you understand how to better communicate with various stakeholders

  • Reduce duplication of work

  • Build trust and transparency into your process

When should I use it?

You should use this canvas when there is a gap that needs bridging. Use this canvas ff you ever find yourself living in a vacuum, researching the wrong problems or questioning your purpose.

Use this canvas when:

  • You don't know what problem you are solving

  • You need to prioritize your efforts

  • Your team needs aligning

  • You want to discover what makes your stakeholder's tick (or tock)

How does it work?

The fundamentals of the User Research Kick-off canvas are rooted in transparent information sharing to achieve a common goal.

This is done through:

  • Sharing objectives: What, as an individual do I want?

  • Information gathering: What do we already know?

  • Stakeholder mapping: Who are our stakeholders, how should I communicate with them?

  • Problem and assumption sharing: What problem are we solving and what innate assumptions do we and the business hold on this?

  • Developing a research framework: What approach will we take to answer these problems?


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Michael Bierens de Haan
Lead User Researcher@The LEGO Group
I'm Mike, a User Researcher with a passion for making a meaningful impact and change across organisations through the power of User Research.
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