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Your guide to user personas

At Make it Clear we have spent many years taking a user-centric approach to design solutions, guided by our research processes. Alongside an array of research outputs, we often create personas as an outcome of discovery phases; they are a useful tool to support decision-making, guide user-centric outputs, and empower teams with an understanding of their audience.

What are user personas?

A persona is a representation of a typical existing or desired user group and is shown in the form of a fictional (but realistic) person. Personas represent the attributes embodied by user types, creating a common vocabulary for internal teams and facilitating faster discussion and decision-making.

How to use user personas?

User personas should be a key part of the design process, empowering team members with direct user understanding and supporting decision-making. Personas should be used not only in the initial design and development phases but as a constant tool when reviewing or changing touchpoints. It's important that the whole team is familiar with who your personas are.

Start creating your persona

Do you now want to create a persona? We have outlined an easy-to-follow process that will support you in mapping your own persona. Our template enables you to shape the research you have gathered into a fit-for-purpose persona that can add tangible value to your business.


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Megan Cattley
Strategist@Make it Clear
I'm a Strategist for London based UX agency Make it Clear. Here at Make it Clear we’ve been helping industry-leading organisations such as Virgin, Cambridge University Press, the Design Museum and Thales improve how they interact with their audiences for over 20 years. My job is to support our evidence-led approach by conducting research activities, distilling key insights and delivering actionable recommendations.
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