Product Ideas Backlog


What is it?

Ideas spark everyday from all stakeholders. Be it engineers, designers, or product marketing managers. Thus, it's important for product managers to record those ideas, prioritize them, and evaluate them.

How to use it?

1) Divide your product into different verticals / parts (e.g., Payment page, Delivery tracking, Chatting)

2) Record every idea under the most related vertical. Make sure every sticky note contains the basic idea and what metric it might optimize.

3) Once you have some capacity, start your evaluation process and push the idea story to the research and validation column.

4) If the idea was validated and might optimize one of your metrics and there is an alignment on working on it in the future, add it to the backlog ready column and start prioritizing your main backlog accordingly.


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Shehab Beram
Product Manager@Mrsool
Hello! I'm a Product Manager and a UX researcher. I have a passion for creating and developing empowered, motivated teams who believe in the product vision, understand how they contribute to that vision and are committed to solving customer problems. I believe shared collaboration spaces like Miro are an integral part of collecting and enabling diverse perspectives and making work smarter!
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