Tri-Sector Innovation Canvas


The Tri-Sector Innovation (TSI) Canvas is a one-page silo-busting ideation tool designed for entrepreneurs and innovators from all sectors. The canvas helps you solve problems, find opportunities & resources, and develop strategy using the Tri-Sector Innovation approach.

The TSI Canvas is designed to:

  • Help you expand options and possibilities and then home in on ideas to develop or enhance your business model and solve problems

  • Integrate impact into the design process in a way that strengthens your business model

  • Uncover existing resources that can be repurposed and aligned to benefit your model and create value for your customers and other beneficiaries

  • Spark innovative solutions by enabling you to move between high-level ideation and pragmatic problem solving within a single view

  • Be highly flexible so you can use it for a wide range of needs like rapid riffing on ideas, delving deeper into a concept, and as a complement to Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas and other innovation tools


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