Tools to Build Stronger Cross-functional Teams


Tools to Build Stronger Teams

This template includes 3 great tools to help you to foster trustful relationships and build more successful teams. You can find a tool to start and wrap up your meeting or workshop, a tool to create alignment on project goals and a tool to give feedback to your team mates.  If you want to find out more about the tools you and how to use them, we have recorded a podcast for you (only 30 mins) which helps you get the whole context and background information on each of the three tools.  

Tool #1: Checkin checkout

When to use: at the beginning and the end of each meeting or workshop.

What’s the purpose? Checking-in/out invites each team member to be present, seen, and heard. Checking-in emphasizes presence, focus, and group commitment; checking-out emphasizes reflection and closure.

Tool #2: Project Goals

When to use: at the project’s kickoff. 

What’s the purpose? This tool can help provide clarity about “what success looks like”; uncover hidden assumptions about activities, outcomes, success, and failure; and identify potential causes of failure. Get your team aligned towards the same goals!

Tool #3: I appreciate - a Feedback exercise

When to use? Effective feedback given regualrly is one of the most important ingredients in building constructive relationships and strong teams

What’s the purpose? Feedback helps your team members gain a growth mindset. Feedback creates a culture that enables learning and growth, which results in improved engagement and productivity.


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