Time Management - The Urgent Important Matrix


The Eisenhower matrix was designed to help prioritize activities so that we can balance what needs to be done now against activities that will help us reach our long-term goals.

The tool is an awareness-raising tool, a long-term goal-reaching tool, and a tool to help us manage everything we do daily to keep balance.

The tool can be used for personal time planning, for teams to prioritize, or for Leaders to shape their teams' activities.


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Tom Venning
Business Trainer, Facilitator & Coach @B2B-Training
I am a business trainer, facilitator and coach specializing in B2B sales, Leadership and Change with over 25 years of working globally with Multinationals. I've lived in 8 countries and traveled extensively, both for work and privately. Out side of work I'm a dedicated family man, an artist, traveler, sailor and always ready for fun and adventure.
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