The Way Forward


The Way Forward Workshop helps you design a creative pandemic recovery response, driven by community-centered design thinking. Originally designed during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, The Way Forward Workshop has been used by teams looking to come together and find creative solutions in a time of crisis and stress. What does it look like to "build back better," and find a new normal marked by true health, thriving and shared well-being? 

This workshop uses principles of design thinking to move you from problem to possibilities. First, it gives you as a team the space to process what you're going through, in a moment of crisis, stress and burnout. Then, it helps you identify the true need you want to invest energy in creatively exploring. From there, you're given a canvas for ideating to explore opportunities and possibilities for innovative responses to those needs. Lastly, your team is given the space to filter, choose and roadmap some next steps to make it a reality.

This canvas workshop is ideally led by 2 live facilitators, with a range of 6-40 participants, in a virtual video-conference setting with breakout rooms.

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For the world to heal, we must learn to
For the world to heal, we must learn to work together
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