The Three Rs Retrospective


Ready to ditch the same old retrospective routine? Buckle up! This Three R's board is your launchpad to a more efficient and victorious team. By dissecting Results, Reality, and Roadblocks, we'll blast off with actionable insights to fuel your next sprint.

Mission Control:

This Miro board features three overlapping circles representing the Three R's:

  1. Results (Green Circle): Charting the Course: What are the results that you as a team want to achieve? And, in what time-frame?

  2. Reality (Blue Circle): Landing Gear Down: What is actually happening right now - good, bad or otherwise?

  3. Roadblocks (Yellow Circle): Clearing the Runway: What could impede you along the way from the current Reality and the future Results?

Sticky Situation (But in a Good Way!):

Grab your virtual sticky notes, it's time to prep for launch! Throughout this retrospective, we'll use these notes to capture insights in each circle.

Let's Get Rolling:

Here's the flight plan:

  1. Individual Reflection (10 minutes): Think about the time-frame you set. For each circle (Results, Reality, Roadblocks), write down your thoughts on separate sticky notes.

  2. Sticking Together (5 minutes): Place your sticky notes in the corresponding circles.

  3. Intersection Points (15 minutes each): Now, we'll explore the sweet spots where the circles overlap:

  4. Results & Reality: What can be done about maintaining/changing the current Reality to help us achieve our future Results?

  5. Reality & Roadblocks: Will the current Reality become a Roadblock? What happens if the Reality stays the same? What if it changes?

  6. Results & Roadblocks: If the Results are ambitious, will the Roadblocks be removed? If so, how?


  1. Honesty is Key: Open communication is crucial for identifying areas for improvement.

  2. Focus on Solutions: While acknowledging challenges is important, let's brainstorm actionable solutions to overcome them.

  3. Actionable Outcomes: Our goal is to translate insights into concrete steps that will enhance our team's effectiveness.

By taking a deep dive into the Three R's and their intersections, we'll not only gain a clear picture of our team's recent performance, but also establish a road map for achieving even greater results in the future. Let's get started and take our team performance to the next level!


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Paul Snedden
Agile Coach
G'day, I'm Paul from the country where it's always tomorrow. You'd know it as Australia. I'm an Agile Coach, helping teams think differently to solve problems. I'm also a big believer in making work fun - one great way of doing that is by mixing up the normal drudgery of meetings. The templates I create here can be used to bring alignment and collaboration, but in fun ways using games, themes, movies, music. If you think it, you can do it.
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