The Systemic Four - Design Thinking Tools for Circular Economy


In the traditional user-centered approach of service design, designers help businesses tailor products and services to the right users and customers (personas). This can be done in both physical and digital realms, in order to increase their chances of success.

In systemic design, on the other hand, we want to extend the concept of personas not only to the customer of the product/service but also to non-human actors of the product/service system, such as nature, business and context.

The needs, desires and aspirations of nature, local context and business, become essential to define the chances of success of the product/service. Because as we humans live in a closed natural system, our Planet Earth, we inevitably affect it with every business intervention, using resources from the local context.

You can find in this template a selection of the essentials of our Design Tools for Systemic Design.


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