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A Straight-forward Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking should not be complicated. With this template, you can run an engaging process based on the Product Integration Model (PIM-Go).

There are 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Identify a Problem and its Root Causes (Problem Canvas): In this Ishikawa-inspired Canvas, you will identify a relevant problem and its root-causes, collaboratively classifying the causes based on influence on the problem.

  • Step 2 – Brainstorm Ideas (Idea Canvas) : Then your team brainstorm ideas to solve the selected problem and the most relevant root-causes.

  • Step 3 – Filter the Best Ideas (Idea Filter Canvas): Finally, the team classify the ideas in 4 quadrants and select 1+ ideas to be prototyped and validated with the users. All unused ideas can be saved for later use in the Parking Lot of Ideas Canvas.

To learn more, watch the hands-on example video or read these articles with additional tips and information on Design Thinking.

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Product Integration Model (PIM-Go) image
Product Integration Model (PIM-Go)
Models for Product and Project Management
PIM-Go is a set of models and templates that integrates the best practices in product and project management for Agile and Hybrid environments.
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