Strategy & Planning

The Singularity Passage

The Singularity Passage (SP) is one of the Spectral Thinking tools helping you to understand and plan the evolution of an area of interest, taking into account various actors and specifics of their roles, motivation, and spectrum of possible next moves.

SP breaks the landscape into four camps:

  • Recombination Factories

  • Control Bureaus

  • Anti-pain Laboratories

  • Nonconformism Sparks

Each camp faces its unique barriers and makes its moves against a particular type of competition.

But the roles are not fixed and have swapping and combinational potential. That adds dynamics to the scheme and makes it an analysis, strategy planning, and forecasting tool.


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Constantin Kichinsky
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We explore the future of humanity, develop the Spectral Thinking methodology, and create tools for explorers like us.

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