The One-on-One Canvas


The One-on-one Canvas, offers a proposal for conducting a moment of feedback, monitoring and evolution.

In short, its ideation is through promoting the leader and also the led a consolidated and simplistic vision of how to understand a journey based around an individual development objective.

Structured in 9 steps:

Step 1: Reinforce presentation and identification of those directly involved in the development journey

Step 2: Revisit the focus objective of the development journey

Steps 3 to 6: Consolidate learnings and challenges associated with the journey

Step 7 and 8: Identify the positive achievements and associated fruitfulness

Step 9: Define the next steps to follow.


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Kamilla Queiroz
Quality Engineer Leader @Sicredi
Specialist in management and leadership of development teams. Assisting individuals in Cultural and Digital Transformation environments with a focus on interactions and empowerment of organisations.
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