The Lightning Product Audit


The Lightning Product Audit is a 30min exercise for Product Managers/Leaders to identify the key risks all products face - & to help you take concrete steps to address those risks.

Why is it so important?

If your product lacks strong foundations, it will never succeed.

Most PMs focus on all the wrong stuff, such as how to prioritize their backlog of features.

What primarily matters? If we look at the data on the right, what are the two big things that determine product success?

Addressing the right problem (represented by "lack of market need")

Building a differentiated product solution i.e., something unique + valued (6/9 of the top reasons for product failure stem from lack of differentiation)

Your job as a product leader is managing risk. Whether for the product you currently manage, a product you might be interviewing for, or coming in as a consultant, you must immediately be able to assess these two key risks.


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