Define A Winning Product Vision


Product vision is a statement outlining what specific outcome your product aims to deliver.

It is the foundation for:

1. Focusing your products on what really matters

Why? Being focused on a clear ideal outcome will help us actually build products that deliver value (i.e., solve a real problem → users more likely to use the product → users more likely to pay for the product)

2. Alignment

Product Vision also provides us with alignment within our organization, which prevents all sorts of problems from occurring later: Building products that drive towards different, unrelated outcomes; conflict between stakeholders; disparate or conflicting objectives; unmotivated teams (because of a lack of clear direction); etc.


This template is a powerful way for product leaders to craft a winning product vision with their teams.

We suggest going through the real-world examples as part of a workshop before getting your team to craft their own versions of your product vision before finally aligning as a group on which one you feel would be best for your product.


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