The Experiment Canvas


The Experiment Canvas

Experimentation after all is one of the keys to continuous improvement. 

My inspirations for this template came from a range of sources : my own experiences, adventures with Agile as well as some of the stellar work others have also done in this space (Bram Kanstein's Miroverse template

 Why use this template? 

Have you; 

  • Identified a systemic impediment spanning multiple teams that you need to try and resolve? 

  • Is the team your working with struggling with a blocker that regularly pops up at retrospectives?

  • Are you trying to solve a real customer problem and want to formulate your plan? 

  • Many similar templates don't focus on those who will be impacted by the experiment. Identify these people and co-create it with them 

Then try using the template! It may just help those involved visualise how to make meaningful change. 

 Notable things to think about

  • The Scientists - Who is carrying out the experiment?What are our roles & responsibilities?

  • The Problem - What is the problem we need to solve?Why do we need to experiment with something new? 

  • The Outcome - What are our desired outcomes?What are we hoping to achieve through the experiment? 

  • The Hypothesis -What's our hypothesis?IF, BY, WILL, BECAUSE 

  • The Results - How will we know our hypothesis is true?How will we know our hypothesis is false? 

  • The People -Who will be affected by our experiment?Who do we need to engage and involve? 

  • The Litmus Test - What's our litmus test?What metrics, data or KPI's do we need to measure? 

  • The Trials - When will we measure results?What are the next steps to bring this experiment to life?


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