The MVP Experiment Canvas


The MVP Experiment Canvas is a free and practical framework that offers you a structured approach for designing and launching Minimum Viable Products to validate your business ideas.

Over the past few years, I’ve sat down with dozens of (aspiring) entrepreneurs to talk about their ideas, products, and strategies. There have been several themes that they struggle with, but there’s been one question that keeps coming back:

I’ve made this “thing”, how do I get people to use it?

This question is not about acquisition or ‘growth hacking’.

It’s about:

  • Not knowing for who you have built your product (who’s problem are you solving?)

  • Where to find these people

  • How to talk to them and show that your product solves their problem

  • Determining if your idea is actually something you should pursue (or not)

Going from a business idea that’s in your head to something that you can show, and deliver to your target customers, is the biggest challenge in the early stages of an idea.


Your time is limited (unless you have infinite money and motivation) and you have to figure out if your idea is interesting enough to pursue (with more of your time, money and efforts).

Whether you can code or not, most ideas are about a solution (not about a problem), so most people start on the path of building their idea of that solution, in whatever shape or form.

What they - in my opinion - are forgetting, is that their solution can still change a dozen times. You can change any element of the “thing” you (want to) create. Because in the beginning, it’s all about delivering the value you think your target group is looking for (and discover if you’re doing it right). Even if you’ve acquired 100+ people you can still change anything you like!

So, what is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? And how can you use the MVP Experiment Canvas to design a Minimum Viable Product for your business idea? Read more on The MVP Experiment Canvas here.

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Bram Kanstein
Early-stage startup expert & product builder
Bram Kanstein is an early-stage startup expert and product builder. He works with startups on idea validation, building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), go-to-market strategy, and product development.
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