Lean Procurement Canvas


For successfully going to market with a new business case, a strong team consisting of internal and/or external people is the foundation. However finding the right complementary people, partners, services or products isn’t easy and takes time. Current sourcing processes and approaches can’t cope with uncertainty and complexity of innovation, new strategic partners, etc.

When should you use the Lean Procurement Canvas?

With the Lean Procurement Canvas and Lean-Agile Procurement we provide for the very first time a tool and approach that respects agile values and practices during sourcing and/or sales. This leads to improved lead times of days/weeks instead of months (from idea to first value delivered), minimizes risk and maximizes business value!

Who is the Lean Procurement Canvas for?

The Canvas can be used by startups, corporations who would like to:

  • Setup and align a new internal, mixed or outsourced 3rd party agile product delivery team

  • Co-create an agile agreement with multiple vendors in the same room simultaneously

  • Assess and manage existing teams or partnerships with 3rd parties

  • Close a deal more effectively as a vendor

It has been used by Air France KLM, Gazprom, BNP Parisbas, Auckland Council and many more from the private and public sector.

Find out more under https://www.lean-agile-procurement.com


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Mirko Kleiner
Thought leader in Lean-Agile Procurement@Flowdays
Mirko Kleiner is thought leader in Lean-Agile Procurement, CIPS Award Winner 2018, international speaker, author, President of LAP Alliance, and Co-founder of Flowdays.
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