The Evaluation Process of Innovation Support Program


This template takes you through the process of creation of the Evaluation Process for startu-up and SME´s support program which are provided by Innovation Agencies or other innovation eco-system institutions.

  1. Pick the support program and remind yourself the goal of the evaluation (or come up with a goal if you don´t have it)

  2. Start with selecting what you want to measure (Key Impact Indicators - KII)? These are the metrics you will collect and will serve you to fulfil the goal. You could cluster the metrics according to your need.

  3.  Map out ways of how to collect and analyze data in order to get to KII

  4. Prioritize the KII according to value/effort

  5. Map the evaluation process - What the process of preparation, data collection and analysis will look like? 

  6. Organize the team and decide the roles, responsibilities and activities


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