The Beatles Retrospective


This retrospective is inspired by The Beatles songs. It starts with a quick mood check-in: "How do you feel today on a Paul McCartney scale?". Then, based on the lyrics from three songs ("Here Comes The Sun" , "Help!", and "Let it Be") motivate the team to think about the completed Sprint.

  • "Here Comes the Sun" is a link to think what did you like in this Sprint? what was all right?

  • "Help!" asks to reflect on what was uneasy? what & who can help you the next time? 

  • "Let it Be" is about agreeing on the action points for the future Sprint.

There are also links to the songs embedded on the board, so the participants can listen to the songs while reflecting on the questions. This is an informal fun style of the Retrospective, so I advise it for the teams who are already used to the Retrospective concept and do not need much guidance during the process.


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Olga Sergeeva
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