Retrospective Instagram Style


This is a fun retrospective done in Instagram style.

Main idea:

Everyone tells a story about the completed Sprint using an Instagram post as a metaphor. Just like you would tell about the vacation or any other life event that you want to share.

So what does exactly the Retro Instagram post include?

  • First, find a picture that shows how did your Sprint go, then write a short description about it.

  • Then, comment on the three sticky notes below the description: one thing that you especially liked in this Sprint, the person you are thankful for, and one thing you want to improve in the next Sprint. And finally, give some likes to your Sprint! When done with the writing, team members present their posts.

  • Finally, create action points based on "one thing I want to improve in the next Sprint". Regarding the action points, try to encourage the team to think of team-level improvements too.

I advise this retro for the teams who share the informal vibe and who are comfortable with social media, specifically Instagram.


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Olga Sergeeva
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Optimistic and creative agile coach with the psychological background. I enjoy helping teams & individuals to develop the agile mindset and to create valuable products. Always happy to expand my knowledge and my network. Feel free to connect with me in LinkedIn and drop a message!
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