Team New Years Resolution Board


What ends most new years resolution plans is the fact that we cease to hold ourselves accountable come February, by openly sharing our goals with peers we are sharing the accountability and encouraging others to better themselves as they do the same for us. This template is the perfect way to beat the resolution blues for you alone or your entire team (it's more fun with a team).

This template does not necessarily have to be New Years specific, you could run it in the middle of the summer with a group of new hires or as a fun sendoff when a colleague takes leave with a purpose. Any time you would like to learn about what motivates someone or discover what motivates you, you can use this template for insights.

Everyone has their own goals, aligning those goals is integral to achieving true collaboration. So if you want your teams looking out for each other, encourage them to personally look out for one another.


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Reid Thomas
Community Marketing & PR @Unito
I am a community marketing and public relations intern here at Unito. I was first introduced to Miro during a presentation and have since fallen in love with it, last week I used it to plan my garden for next summer!

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