Complete Team Decision Making - From all 6 Angles



Because decision-making is tough, and decision-making with team consensus is tougher... but what if it was an opportunity?

We ran with this idea and used the '6 thinking hats' as a 'complete' model of critical thinking, sprinkled in some 'as if' thinking, and transformed it into a 'decision-making x team-building' workshop. So that your team can become better decision-makers by breaking out of their traditional team roles to shake up their perspectives & gain new insights.


Any team struggling to make a decision.

New teams - This is a great team kick-off exercise and a chance to remind everyone of the roles the team members may, naturally, start to fall into. This will provide them with a new language to drive constructive feedback within the team.

Mature teams - who have started to fall into the same roles.

Maybe the same person comes up with the idea, and the same person highlights the pitfalls to be considered. Maybe someone always steps in to think through the logistical challenges, and another is left to mediate or cheerlead?


  1. Bring a decision to the table (i.e., an (early) list of ideas or options the team has to choose between) and let the ‘deciding’ game begin…

  2. ‘Pick a card, any card’ - Select a ‘card’ from the table. This will determine the ‘hat’ you will wear in the next round. (The ‘blue’ hat will now take the role of ‘facilitator’ and ensure there is an equal voice in the upcoming round.)

  3. ‘Analyse’ - review the options on the table with your new ‘hats’ on. Add comments and notes.

  4. ‘Return to the table’ - Discuss. Play back your thoughts and let them evolve but stay in your role (‘thinking hat’)!

  5. Decide on the next steps (the ‘blue hat’ wearer will help you again here).

  6. What did you think? How could you use this model going forward?


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