The Christmas Gifting Game


This is a great christmas-themed game for upping the recognition on an individual level and building affective trust on a team level. (We'd recommend it for teams that are at least 3+ months in.)

After breaking up into two groups (the green and the red team); each group works together to identify a specific strength that their teammate brings to the team.

They then say 'thank you' by doing some speedy internet-window shopping and chosing a relevant gift (and copying and pasting the link / image). i.e. a great problem solvers may be thanked with a challenging puzzle.

If you plan on buying the gifts as a little end of year thank you, give them a £/$20 limit. However, if you don't ... why not play the 'it's the thought that counts' edition and play like you're team have just won the lottery.

For detailed instructions and board set up - see the step by step instructions on the board.


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