Team Daily Status Updates


The Team Project Status Board is a daily standup in one Miro board. It offers team alignment from individual projects to personal mood checks, ensuring maximum efficiency and fluid knowledge transfer. The board can be used as a guide during standups or as an update board to cleverly avoid more video calls.

What you'll find

  • Status, updates, deliverable links, and allocations per project

  • Designation of projects by risk, including green, blocked, and flagged projects

  • Emoji-based mood indicator

  • Team weekly schedule

  • Tags for quick project descriptions.

How you can use the board

  • Create new projects using the supplied cards. Tag each for month, progress, date due, and main contributor

  • Each day, the main project contributor will expand the card to write their updates. They can also supply a link to the deliverables, give individual allocations, and discuss any major risks associated with the project

  • Main contributors can re-color and move projects to different risk levels: teal for good, yellow for blocked, and hot pink for flagged

  • The left column is the team members’ opportunity to add pertinent information including how they’re doing, any days they will be out this month, and any unbillable work they are currently completing


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