Daily Standups


At YellowPepper even though we are quite efficient at using tools like Jira, it's always useful and fun to gather around one Miro Board, sync with the team and say hi!

The rules here are simple. The board is there to help us all out to have an enjoyable daily. Thus, each member should connect some minutes before and prepare their daily by copy/pasting the Jira issues that they worked on, what they are they planning to do today, and some extra comments/blockers in sticky notes.

Once is Daily time, the Scrum Master updates the date up top and "throws" the soccer ball to anyone (by moving the ball on top their names). That person starts and we all continue to "throw" that ball until we are all done. Then, the SM, PO or anyone present may do an announcement or update to the team (they may use the space at the bottom so that they don't forget).

We only use one frame and update it daily. This is not a reporting tool but rather something that help us better communicate, specially when we, sometimes, share daily sessions with people in different timezones.


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We aim to create the next-gen Payment Ecosystem.
YellowPepper is Latin America's pioneer in mobile banking and payment solutions. Founded in 2004, the growing company provides services in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, employing the best and brightest in the tech space with more than 60 team members throughout its regional footprint. Headquartered in the Miami, YellowPepper brings innovative payment solutions to dynamic countries across the hemisphere. The company is the recipient of the IFC (World Bank) first equity investment for a Latin America mobile financial company, merging unmatched market knowledge with the latest in payments technology.
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