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What is the Team Bounce-back Template for?

Whether the disagreement is team-wide, team-to-team or team member to team member this template provides a pathway for:

• Disagreements and issues, challenges, and problems to be communicated

• Controlled discussion using the ‘5 Whys’ for root cause analysis and Non-Violent Communication techniques

• Checking in – are we all good, or do we have more work to do to resolve the issue?

• Achieving resolution and bouncing back to get back on track with clearly defined joint actions

When to use the Team Bounce-back Template

• Tensions are running high

• Ways of working aren’t running smoothly

• Disagreements are causing distractions

• The team is hitting road-blocks

Visual Tips

• Visuals are a great way to take the sting out of a difficult message when words, both spoken and written, can seem harsh

• Use visuals to express your feelings and emotions when words may be difficult to use

• Disagreements generally have two opposing sides. Use visuals to depict these in a way that words can’t or may do too bluntly

• Action plan with visuals, show what a path to a successful resolution looks like – try drawing the solution together to lock in commitment and (re)start collaboration.


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Axelle Vanquaillie
My mission is to enable you to tell a story, engage and inspire your audience with a drawing. We teach people how to draw at work and for those who are not confident in drawing, we developed Drawify. A community of world-class visual storytellers who are happy to share their visuals and templates so you can use, re-compose and customise them to fit your story and needs.
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