SuperPersona Warm-up


SuperPersona is a nice warm-up and introduction game for participants before the workshop.

  • The activity will allow team members to get into the thinking and creativity mode, express themselves, and generate ideas.

  • As well, it will give a chance to learn/refresh knowledge about Miro usage and features.

Each activity requires doing different things- editing existing elements, adding new sticky notes, adding new shapes, inserting pictures, etc. After the individual thinking, each team member can introduce themselves to others in a fun and positive way.

Don't forget to copy/paste each team member's individual expectations for the sessions, values, and superpowers to form a team spirit and summary.

Use the "Rules" section to agree and document standard rules to be followed by everyone during working sessions, like no cell phones/parallel discussions, criticizing other people's ideas, etc.


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Zane Segruma
Growth and Value Thinker in love with Service Design
I'm an IT field professional with a background in product development, management, and Agile. WHY and WHAT ELSE are two questions constantly bouncing through my mind.
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