Strategic Growth and Priority Matrix


Overview for Using the PMC Engine - the Tool to Guide Strategic Growth Options and Priorities

The Strategic Growth and Priority Matrix (or PMC Engine) is the single page, economic heart, strategic and decision making tool that powerfully combines and illustrates your product, market and capabilities choices and relative importance. It can be put down on paper with a pencil or embedded in elaborate information systems or in this case built in MIRO!

The PMC engine s a growth option and prioritizing tool that combines Strategic, Operational and Financial elements on a single page. It forces financial and data rigor because it holds the Budget and Actual Revenue, Margin and Volume information for each product / market combination that you serve - if you choose to add this to your matrix.

It is used to show GROWTH, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and CAPABILITY INVESTMENT decisions and results. It also can show where the initiatives of implementation are focused. It highlights CRITERIA for decision.

Every company, business unit, region should have a PMC Engine because it is THE one piece of paper – that represents your world and the choices that are your means to achieving your goals..

We will build it in 4 easy steps - including the critiera for emphasis. Let's begin.


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