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Crafting Compelling Business Social Media Storylines

In the world of business social media pitches, a well-structured and captivating storyline can make all the difference. The CtA-Cross method is a proven approach to creating impactful narratives that not only engage your audience but also effectively convey your message. This method consists of five essential blocks: Hook, Setup, Conflict, Solution, and Call to Action.

What it does

The CtA-Cross is a framework designed to structure and create compelling storylines for business social media pitches. It breaks down the process into five key blocks: 

Hook, Setup, Conflict, Solution, and Call to Action. Each block serves a specific purpose in crafting a persuasive narrative that captivates the audience, communicates the value of a product or service, and prompts them to take desired actions.

Who benefits

The CtA-Cross benefits businesses and individuals seeking to effectively communicate their products, services, or ideas through social media platforms. It's particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs, marketers, content creators, and anyone responsible for delivering compelling pitches to a digital audience. This method is especially useful for those in industries that require persuasive storytelling to engage potential customers or clients.

How it works

The CtA-Cross method works by structuring the storytelling process into easily digestible blocks that guide the narrative creation. It ensures that the story follows a logical progression, capturing the audience's attention, presenting relatable challenges, offering a compelling solution, and guiding them towards the desired action. By breaking down the storytelling process into these five blocks, the CtA-Cross simplifies the task of creating engaging and persuasive social media pitches, resulting in more effective communication and audience engagement.


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André Gronewald
Communication Strategist
I create methods that enable anyone to to create compelling stories in business. With 25 years' experience in communications, my focus has always been on linking business objectives with customer needs. I am now happy to make my methods available to everyone through this wonderful collaboration platform.
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