Startup Positioning Framework


The Startup Positioning Framework is designed to help early-stage tech startups position their products to build their product-market fit throguh positioning. The framework will not just take you through the basics of your ICP to differentiating your product from the competitors and crafting a value proposition + unique selling points, but help you with the implementation of the new positioning as well. The immediate gains you should feel in your product if you complete the framework as intended are:

- Easier user acqusition & sales

- Higher conversion rates

- Improved traction

- Getting to that elusive product-market fit.


Andrej Persolja image
Andrej Persolja
Product marketer@Tangible Growth
I am a growth marketer specializing in startup product positioning. In the past years of consulting & helping 50+ startups grow, I became fascinated by how little things, like setting your foundations right, can make a massive difference to your growth trajectory. I am a firm believer in organic and sustainable growth, that is the results of you getting your product foundations right.
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