Sideways Funnel - Customer Success Lifecycle


The sideways Funnel will help you define the most fundamental customer success process

"The customer success lifecycle journey map".  This map defines how upsell and renewal revenue is created through these different phases.

The template comes with easy-to-understand instructions that will take you through the steps to build this map.

I recommend that you allocate 70 minutes for your first run-through and you try the following schedule.


Step 1:  Read the instructions and familiarise yourself with the template (15 minutes)

Step 2:  Define your lifecycle phases (15 minutes)

Step 3:  Define the functional teams involved in each phase (15 minutes)

Step 4:  Define the actions taken within each phase, define these actions based on the role (20 minutes)a. Associate Customer Success Manager b. Customer Success Manager c. CustomerSuccess Director

Step 5: Define the metrics for each phase that contribute to a successful outcome (20 minutes)Step 6: Reflect and consider reviewing your work in a day or two.

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Chris Sparshott is a freelance Customer Success Manager, strategist, mentor, and coach. He lives in Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland in Aotearoa New Zealand. He has extensive career experience in Sales Engineering, Software retention, and Customer Success, He spends most of his time helping clients to see the strategic potential balanced with what can be achieved today. As a certified coach, he provides coaching & mentoring to individual customer success managers and teams. His templates have been created from the forge of failure. These templates are designed to help you bypass common missteps and to fast-track you and your customer success program to achieve greater customer engagement, upsell, renewal, and advocacy. Customer Success is his interest and passion.

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