Self-management Team Workshop



You will need 45 to 50 minutes* for this exercise, excluding the check-in part. Add an ice-breaker in the beginning, explain the rules (no phone, "together alone"). Explain briefly the definition of the self-managing teams.

Before starting, each team member picks his own emoji and puts it into the circle, so that other team members know it is take. Tell the team members to remember the chosen emoji.

Current state of team self-management (3min):

The team will first assess the current state of self-management maturity. Explain the instructions that are written & be careful to really emphasise that they have to put 1 dot in each section based on what they feel is true for their team. Before starting the timer, give some time so that they can read the table and get the feeling.\

Desired state of team self-management (3min):

Repeat the previous exercise, but now they have to put the dots based on how they would like it to be. What they wish, desire, want to change. They can still use the table for help.

Biggest gap (3min):

Take a look at the web and the dispersed red &yellow dots. The team decides on 2 or max 3 sections with the biggest gaps between the current state and the wanted/desired state. Write them down on post-it notes.

How might we (2 min):

Transform the sections into "How might we" questions. If the group is doing this for the first time, you as a facilitator have to take the lead on this. You can write more HMW questions, but make sure that the team then picks max 3 HMW questions.

Brainstorm (3min for each statement+3min for reading+3min for voting):

Copy the HMW questions and take time to brainstorm about what can be done, so that the desired state would become a reality. Remind them to be as concrete as possible and that there are no wrong answers. After the ideation, adapt the number of dots according to the number of post-it notes. You can use the voting function in Miro if you wish. Before voting, take a few minutes to read all the ideas. I also recommend that you explain what ideas are the best - the impact/effort scale (you can even add it if you wish). Then set the timer for 3 minutes and and let the team vote.

Most voted ideas (3min):

Copy ideas with the dots and put them in a numerical order. On the top there is the idea with the most votes and in the bottom ideas with the least. You should get a tree-like figure. Pick top three ideas and copy them into the last section.

Action plan (10min):

For each idea create a short roadmap by answering the question: "What is the first step that we have to take in order to make this idea a reality?" In this section the team can discuss it.

Source for the Self-managing delivery teams definition:

Erik Korsvik Ostergaard (2020). Teal dots in an orange world.


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