Do you believe that being actually relevant to a prospect will get you more responses? I think so. Actually, more than x10 and here you will get the method and the actionable model to make it happen

You will get

The Golden Circle Matrix, the WHY-HOW-WHAT framework with levels ( High, Medium, Low) to be applied to the real world of Sales & Marketing - to produce your Content from Top level ( web, ads) , Key topics, down to Laser targeted keywords

The Learning Resources Your online space with all content , videos, exercises and everything you need to master the skillset

An Actionable Model, an Airtable base where you can apply the contents and copy to real messages and Match them to each Buyer Persona and actually automate the execution of unique personal messages to email , Slack, WhatsApp etc..

Is this for you ?

✅ People who do email and/or Linkedin sales outreach ( cold or no)

✅People who want to get more responses base on quality not quantity ( 🅧 not for mass mailings)

✅People who DO have 👉ALREADY some sales ( this is to scale a "saleable" product)

✅Capable of segmenting the sales messages to scale with quality

The Foundation to Scale up

This is the opportunity to do things right and build the process to do Digital Selling in a way that is better for your prospects and save time for yourself 💪

The system is expandable to new prospects channels, growth hacks and super powerful automations

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Sales Enablement for SaaS and Professionals
Hi , I`m Jorge, I have been in Sales for more than 20 years working at top companies like Cisco and also as CEO & Founder of software startups. That gave me a unique skill-set in Sales & Marketing, Technology and the word of Digital Sales.
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