Round Robin


A round robin is a great way to get different perspectives on a variety of ideas in a quick and efficient manner. The premise of this activity is to get quick feedback on a set of ideas, problems, or solutions by considering both success and failure. This is a great way to take one idea, pass it around the room to get feedback on it from different people. Keep in mind - you'll definitely want to make sure you set a timer for this exercise!

Begin at the top and rotate through each topic or idea. Next, you’ll want to comment on that solution’s likelihood of success. You can do this by filling out and open sticky note found on the right. These sticky notes will alternate between green and red in order to consider both success and failure.

When leaving feedback, it is important that you respond in accordance with the sticky note you choose. For example, if you choose a red sticky note, you’ll need to leave feedback on why that idea or solution will not work. If you choose a green sticky note, make sure you’re leaving feedback on why that idea or solution will be successful. Unbiased feedback is a great way to consider new perspectives, so be honest with your stance on a given solution. It will only make this round robin exercise more effective!

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