Retro in the UK


For this retrospective, travel with your team to the UK. This retro is divided into four parts. Ready? Let's go!

Quiz: How well do you really know the UK?

For the icebreaker, host a quiz with your team about questions relating to the UK. Update the player names on the scorecard and then get your team to place their markers on the option that they feel is the answer. At the end of the quiz, reveal the answers and get the team to tally their scores. The winner receives the golden crown that's currently placed above the scorecard. 

Remembering the past sprint

You might be familiar with this part of a retrospective. Make notes of what went well and what didn't go well in the past sprint, and discuss these points with your team members.

Call to action

Based on what didn't go so well, come up with possible actions to take as a team. Limit the total actions to either two or three, though, because having too many actions may not always be a good thing. 


Get your team to pick a biscuit of their choice and drop it in the (tea) feedback range below to let you know how they felt about the retrospective. 

That's it. Happy retrospective!


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