Gather Town Retrospective


Gather Town tries to make virtual interactions more human by providing a digital space where user avatars can walk around and seamlessly interact with other humans. So, what to expect from a Gather Town retrospective? Here are the instructions:

Waiting room

Select an avatar from the waiting room and drag it to your carpet in the next room.


If you were stuck in a room alone for 3 days, what are the 3 things you'd like to have with you? Copy 3 items from the centre into your carpet and later go around the room explaining the reason behind your choice.

What went well?

Add post-it notes on what went well in the last sprint and also give kudos to your team members.

Graveyard: What didn't go well?

What didn't go well during the last sprint? Reflect and jot your notes down in this area. 

Where to next? Action items for the next sprint

Based on what didn't go well, what are the actions you can take for the next sprint? Try and come up with ideas that you can act on as a team and also assign champions who can see this through. 


Well done on completing the retrospective. Use this time to unwind and relax at the park. 

That's it. Happy retrospective!


Gather Town map assets are open source on GitHub.


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