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Research project Kickoff framework

What is a Kickoff workshop framework?

The kickoff workshop framework is a two-template set-up that helps researchers to learn and document the research intent by answering some of these fundamental questions - what do we want to learn from this research? How does the team intend to use this data? Who are the primary and secondary users/customers we want to learn from? Will the data help us improve our customers' experience, and if so, how?. Etc.

When do you need a kickoff framework?

Starting a new user-research project can sometimes be overwhelming. The kickoff workshop framework enables you to collaborate cross-functionally with your team to help define the project's scope, set expectations, and resolve conflicting priorities during the initial stages of your project.

It's a helpful template, especially when gathering information and building alignment across multiple teams and diverse research requests within an overarching scope. Enables you to build a more holistic protocol versus conducting siloed research.

How to facilitate a kickoff workshop using these templates?

Set up a meeting with key internal stockholders (encourage cross-functional diversity). Share the intent of the workshop. Ideally, spend 15-20 mins on each board. If you have a large team participating, divide and conquer to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas.

Additional details on how to prep for the workshop and use the templates are provided within the boards.


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