Request for Proposal (RFP)


This is a RFP (Request for Proposal) template. An RFP is a document that organizations use to solicit proposals from potential vendors or service providers for a specific project or initiative. The purpose of this template is to provide a structured format for creating an RFP that clearly outlines an organization's requirements, expectations, and evaluation criteria for selecting a vendor.

This template consists of several sections that cover different aspects of the project, including:

  1. Project Overview: This section provides an overview of the project, including the organization's goals, timeline, and background information.

  2. Background: This section provides background information about the organization, the project context, and any constraints or guidelines for the RFP.

  3. Specifications: This section outlines the specific features, functionality, and requirements that the proposed solution should meet.

  4. Selection Criteria: This section lists the criteria that will be used to evaluate and select the vendor, such as technical proposal, cost proposal, integration capabilities, experience, reputation, customer service, and more.

  5. How to use this template: This section provides instructions on how to use the template effectively, including aligning with stakeholders, using thought starters, and exporting the final RFP.

  6. Additional sections: The template also includes additional sections for historical context, project goals, challenges, milestones, end-user needs, budget, security requirements, scalability, and more.

Overall, this template can be used as a comprehensive guide for organizations to create an RFP that clearly communicates their requirements and expectations to potential vendors. It helps streamline the vendor selection process and ensures that all relevant information is included in the RFP document.


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Peter Bloom
Head of Sourcing, Procurement & AP@Miro
I lead a Sourcing, Procurement and Accounts Payable team that is responsible for managing the end-to-end process of acquiring goods and services, from identifying sourcing needs to making payments to suppliers
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