Report template


What is this template for?

I use this template to write any long-form report where I need more flexible / complex layout than what normal word processors allow.

I have used this for reports for lessons learned, discoveries and inceptions, or any other sort of workshop or research activity and have even written a number of playbooks using this template.

Yes, Miro is not an ideal word-processor, but it is a much better layout tool than, say Google Docs or MS Word. So short of using Adobe Indesign this is a great solution.

How to use this template:

I have created a number of flexible base templates in A4 landscape, A4 horizontal, A3 horizontal which, at least for my uses, satisfy all I need.

The trick is to stick to the indicated margins and columns when placing other elements. This way your final document will always look decent / consistent.

I then export a PDF to share the document outside of Miro.


We help organisations and their teams design and deliver better digital products and services, work in better ways, and achieve better outcomes. We design and run discoveries and inceptions, we support organisation in strategy formulation, facilitate workshops and meetings, and we provide hands-on business analysis and product management expertise. We do this as advisors, mentors or coaches, or as members of client teams.
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