Remote Product Iteration Sprint


Disclaimer: Use this template only if you have completed LEAP. Remote Product Sprint. (

What is LEAP. Product Iteration Sprint?

Congratulations on completing Week 1 of the Sprint! You and your team have no doubt gathered a wealth of valuable feedback from user testing. The Iteration Week is your chance to take that feedback and really elevate your ideas to the next level. Get ready to iterate and innovate!

How to use the LEAP. Product Iteration Sprint?

The Iteration Sprint Miroboard contains a selection of exercises from the Design Sprint to help you effectively improve upon the data collected during Week 1.

If you need any guidance, just hit us up at, we got your back!

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LEAP. is a remote first Product Design and Innovation boutique agency based in Berlin. Founded by Rob Hamblen, ex Product Design Director from AJ&Smart (Design Sprint Master for top Fortune 500 companies) and ex Creative Director UX for IBM iX (Enterprise Design Thinking). LEAP's Miro templates provide you the same direct access to the remote tools and workshops.
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