Reimagine: Product Design & Value Ladder


Reimagine: Product set up workshop

This is a Product set up workshop that we use for digital products & services. It is not designed for actual physical products.


Check-in (3 min): Ask participants to write down their favorite product (digital or physical) & to add why they love it. Read their answers aloud.

#1 Our purpose (5 min): Read the written instructions about the company's purpose. Give participants 5 minutes max to write down answers to the guiding questions on the left.

#2 Voting on the purpose (4 min): Give participants a couple of minutes to read all the answers, then use the Voting tool (or dots) so that participants vote on the most important purpose. Adjust the number of votes based on the number of participants & ideas.

#3 All our products (7 min): Read the instructions and guiding questions, then give participants 5 minutes to write down their answers.

#4 Possible product packages (7 minutes): From all the post-it notes, let participants design new product packages. Explain that they have to copy the post-it notes since they can fit into multiple packages. After that cluster the shapes & post-it notes together, since they will be moved into section 5.

#5 Value ladder (15 min): Now that we have product packages made, let's put them into our value ladder, simply answering the question, "How much would such a product package cost?". After that, give participants 2 minutes to vote on "low-hanging fruit".

#6 Product-client match (5 min): Simply read the instructions & let participants add a couple of prospective clients that they think they could sell the new product package. It can be concrete clients or, more abstract, industry-based.

#7 Product development match (10 min): For each top-voted product let participants decide who is going to develop & participate in which product & let them discuss the deadline.

Enjoy the workshop!

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