TikTok Marketing Strategy


This is a TikTok marketing strategy workshop designed for Agile companies/marketing departments that want to give a great brief to their TikTok influencers!

Facilitator encourages participants to add their favourite TikTok video or their favourite TikTok influencer on the board. You can alter the instructions, add post-it notes and just say "Write down your favourite TikTok influencer". 

Step 2: Product Match (10 min)

2.1. Product mapping (6 min)Not all products are a great fit for marketing it though influencers on TikTok. Tell the participants to write down company's product that "fit" the TikTok media. You can guide them by asking them about target customers for certain products & their use of TikTok. 2.2. Top TikTok Products (4 min)Now that the participants have written down all of their products that they think are a great fit to be represented on TikTok, give them 2 minutes to read all the suggestions. After that use a Voting tool in Miro (or use Dots). Participants vote on their top products for TikTok marketing. Adapt the number of votes based on the number of post-it notes & the number of participants. If needed, use formula.

Step 3: Video & branding mapping on TikTok (30 min)

Now that we have our top products, we should write down anything important for the influencers or agencies to know about managing our brand & products via TikTok.Read the instructions, explaining the DO's & DON'Ts. Take 5 minutes per section, start with Brand related section.

Step 4: TikTok influencer brief (20 min)

Take 5 -7 minutes or more if needed (depending on how much content is on the board) for the participants to read all the DO's & DON'T in section 3. After that use Voting tool in section 3 (or add dots) and go with participants through each section, starting with Brand related section. Each section takes 2 minutes. Participants vote on the most important DO's & DON'Ts in the section. Add top voted ones into the Section 4. Adapt the number of votes based on the number of post-it notes & the number of participants. If needed, use formula.

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