Redefine Ambiguity


Redefine Ambiguity

Let's redefine ambiguity through experiencing an ambiguous challenge, sharing an ambiguous story in our life, and understanding our relationship with ambiguity.

What's Redefine Ambiguity?

With this toolkit, you can equip your team with the creative confidence to embrace ambiguous challenges and form a deeper connection through the journey of redefining ambiguity together.

Why Redefine Ambiguity?

  • Develop our creative confidence by experiencing an ambiguous moment in a safe space.

  • Recognise our relationship with ambiguity and have a common language to name it.

  • Connect with your team through a shared ambiguous experience and their personal stories.

How does Redefine Ambiguity Work?

  • Redefine Ambiguity Challenge: We start with experiencing an ambiguous moment, then, reflect on how we interacted with the experienced ambiguity.

  • Redefine Ambiguity Story: We will share an ambiguous moment we have experienced in our life. Then, we will see how we danced with our ambiguity through the lens of Ambiguity Archetypes.

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